We start from the assumption that our society now increasingly focuses on sharing experiences; think of the projects that in the last years have had an enormous success, starting from “bla bla car” to “airbnb”, car sharing, bicycles and the most recent scooters and among the others, new reality which is more and more affirmed such as coworking.

What is it that unites all these initiatives? The fact of being able to share something, it can be an experience, an office or a means of transport, with others. This is the trend of new millennium and SH!U, the Arnel & Marcello’s project, was born from this concept, which was theorized with the expression “PostCommunication“.

The Postcommunication (Abbr. POSTCom) is a new way to disseminate and share information, especially on digital media, through simple guidelines that help people find their way in the complexity of modern communication, now increasingly dominated by digital. This new way of communicating is based on the free expression of subjective needs, but always respecting the spaces of others. Postcommunication is based on four important principles:

1. Principle of Diversity: all opinions are important and must be respected and valued.
2. Union principle: communication aims at a constructive result, not an end in itself.
3. Principle of Sharing: recognizing and accepting the boundaries between different cultures of the world and promoting their comparison rather than pushing them to conform.
4. Principle of Free Information: information must be shared and accessible to all.

SH!U and the Postcommunication

Marcello & Arnel consider Postcommmunication as a precious opportunity to ensure that the individual is able to live a reflective and rich journey experience.

To learn more about Post-communication on SH!U I wanted to meet Arnel & Marcello, friends and colleagues of different nationalities, faith, culture and language, with the dream of creating and proposing new tools to allow people with different cultures to come closer and confront each other in a harmonious and constructive way. Starting from this objective, the two friends decided to found Slowbyte, a start-up whose members are animated by a single and ambitious project: “Give the right value to digital content by promoting a more conscious and constructive approach”.
The Slowbyte team is committed to incubating initiatives related to different topics, such as Mass Communication, Intercultural Exchange, Democratic Digitalisation of Knowledge and OpenBigData, with a single mission: to propose new solutions to better interpret and satisfy social needs and cultural issues arising from globalization.

Marcello & Arnel

After the birth of Slowbyte, Arnel & Marcello began to think of a product that contained the principles of Postcommunication, and it is thanks to their passion and perseverance that SH!U was born (from shu, an ancient translation of the word “book” into Chinese), the first notebook in the world designed to be written by multiple hands. How?
Below I will explain and contextualize the SH!U prototype, the notebook with a thousand potentials!